Hi eveyone:)

My name is Tingchun but I go by Amber since it is kind of difficult to pronounce. I am a 4th year global studies major and I am staying here for this summer just to finish up my GEs (that is why I take this course:)  I was born and raised in Taiwan and I only came to USA to study in college so I am not American at all. I remembered the my first year in Santa Barbara where I experienced a lot of culture shock then I realized it is always fun to learn another culture through shock and amazement.

what is popular culture? I suppose it is a kind of genre which everyone loves, well, not everyone but most of the public adores. It is not limited to a certain kind of art form, in fact it does not have any particular form at all, It can be singing, dancing , painting, clothing and etc. I think Asian American pop culture is really important to all the Asians because pop culture world is always dominated by white Americans, but nowadays we can see various Asian groups who work hard to contribute their works. It does mean a lot. Through the help of social media such as Facebook, twitter and Youtube, they serve as mediums to spread the culture and I think this is something that has not been done in the past decades ( I mean compare to how we let the world learn about Asian culture in the past )

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