Bollywood and Youth

In Planet Bollywood, Desai discussed about how Bollywood movies have shifter over time and how it affect its audience especially to the second and third generation South Asian Americans. In the very beginning of the article we learned that Bollywood has now becoming more and more popular, there are even several of them which exceeds several Hollywood films. As it is gaining wider audience views, Bollywood has become more influential in youth and adults. 

According to Desai, Bollywood films have become a way for NRIs to learn about Indian culture and it is also a way for the youth to learn about the culture. However, in the very beginning, Bollywood was unpopular in the west due to its movie structure which contains too much dancing and singing. Desai talked about it was rather an unpleasant experience for the youth to watch Bollywood films because it was really different from the Hollywood film. In addition, NRIs in Bollywood films were often depicted as Indians who forgot about their roots and culture.  Those characters in Bollywood films can be seen as a projection of ideal Indian men and women, we often see how smart or how passionate these characters can be in Bollywood romance movies. But in the late 1980s, it does not gain popularity , not until late 1990s.

For South Asian American youth, Bollywood has become a topic that helps them to connect to their peers, as Desaj mentioned in the article. They learned about their roots and identity through these films, several of them even decided to join some related clubs in college. As time passes, the depiction of NRI characters in Bollywood have also shifted from ignorant brainwashed to characters who embrace both culture and appreciate their new identity. I find this part interesting because it seems like every ethnic group has its own way to educate their youth who happen to live in a different country. For example, we have Bollywood films to teach South Asian Americans the way Indians live while Chinese have set up Chinese school in America to teach their youth about the beauty of their characters and literature. Bollywood has become more than an entertainment for the general public, it serves as a way to educate youth and as a way for Indian adults to appreciate the difference among different religious groups as Desaj pointed out in the article.




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My name is Tingchun but I go by Amber since it is kind of difficult to pronounce. I am a 4th year global studies major and I am staying here for this summer just to finish up my GEs (that is why I take this course:)  I was born and raised in Taiwan and I only came to USA to study in college so I am not American at all. I remembered the my first year in Santa Barbara where I experienced a lot of culture shock then I realized it is always fun to learn another culture through shock and amazement.

what is popular culture? I suppose it is a kind of genre which everyone loves, well, not everyone but most of the public adores. It is not limited to a certain kind of art form, in fact it does not have any particular form at all, It can be singing, dancing , painting, clothing and etc. I think Asian American pop culture is really important to all the Asians because pop culture world is always dominated by white Americans, but nowadays we can see various Asian groups who work hard to contribute their works. It does mean a lot. Through the help of social media such as Facebook, twitter and Youtube, they serve as mediums to spread the culture and I think this is something that has not been done in the past decades ( I mean compare to how we let the world learn about Asian culture in the past )