Note: The following schedule is subject to change. Students will be provided advance notice if changes are made to the schedule, but will be expected to stay on top of course material. Students are advised to check this page frequently in case of any updates.

Asian Am Popular Culture?

Week 1

Mon Introduction, Class Policies, “What is Popular Culture?” Asian Americans in Pop Culture; Ping Pong Playa
Tues Ping Pong Playa, Introduction to Alien Encounters by Mimi Thi Nguyen and Thuy Linh Nguyen
Wed Intro to WordPress, “Popular Culture: This Ain’t No Sideshow” from Time Passages: Collective Memory and American Popular Culture by George Lipsitz; Collective goals session; Blog Assignment #1

Early Asian Am Performance

Week 2

Mon Yankee Dawg You Die, “Ideological Racism and Cultural Resistance: Constructing Our Own Images” by Espiritu
Tues Yankee Dawg You Die, and Chop Suey Circuits
Wed Screening: Selections from Star Trek, George Takei media

Growing Up Asian Am

Week 3

Mon Excerpts: Asian American Youth: Culture, Identity and Ethnicity, Jennifer Lee and Min Zhou;  Screening: scenes, Sixteen Candles, William Hung, etc.
Tues American Born Chinese; Excerpt: “Teaching Asian American Graphic Narratives in a Post-Race Era,” Anne Cong-Huyen and Caroline Kyungah Hong
Wed American Born Chinese; Abstracts and Works Cited Due


Week 4

Mon Midterm
Tues Chew, Vol. 1 and “Looking for my penis” by Richard Fung, Excerpts from Racial Castration, David Eng; Screening of scenes from Better Luck Tomorrow, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Music of Far East Movement
Wed Chew, Vol. 1


Week 5

Mon Bollywood Confidential, “Planet Bollywood” by Jigna Desai, In-class screening: Slaying the Dragon
Tues Final Quiz #1; Bollywood Confidential
Wed Bollywood Confidential

Digitized Selves and Conclusion

Mon Class meets in MCC Lounge; Guest speaker – Tom Trinh

Excerpt: “Alllooksame?”, Lisa Nakamura; “Nine Propositions for a Cultural Theory of Youtube,” Henry Jenkins; Various videos, including KevJumba, Nigahiga, Wong Fu Productions, YOYOMF, Michelle Phan, LXD, etc.

Tues Final Quiz #2; Asian American Digital Production
Wed Final Projects Due, Individual and group presentations in-class; Evaluations

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