Hi, everyone. (Apologies for the lateness!)

Hello guys,Well, my name is Jenna Rydz, I’m going to be graduating in five weeks with a Zoology and a Physical Anthropology degree, and I have never taken an Asian-American studies class before. First time for everything! I don’t really have a personal favorite example of Asian American pop culture, but I do like the occasional Bruce Lee film. Hopefully this class will make me a bit more well-rounded and I’ll find some more favorite things.

Personally, I think that pop culture, by definition, needs to be popular with the majority of its target group. Anything other than that is flexible. There may be some correlations with things such as easy accessibility, certain themes or genres, youthful consumers, and so on, but these are by no means definitive requirements. If popular culture is not popular, then what could it be?

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