My name is Wesley Moy. I am in the summer between my third and fourth year. I am a physical anthropology major who is currently trying to pick up a second major in Global Studies. My favorite memory of Asian American pop culture is probably Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon.

Popular culture to me is almost any form of media widely consumed by the masses. It is not inherently intended for the lower socioeconomic classes, however due to the large population belonging to the middle and lower classes they are for the most part the target audience.That is to say movies, music, tv, literature, comic books, newspapers, and magazines are all types of pop culture. Pop culture is an important field to study because it is constantly changing not only what it is as well as the people who consume it. Studying other cultures has a high value because it helps make you a more well rounded person, but especially in the United States. The United States is a multicultural society. As much as we claim to be a melting pot there are always pockets of individuals clinging to ethnic and geographically separations ie. little italy, chinatown, etc. Although I believe it is this diversity that makes America great it makes it valuable to learn about other cultures.

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