Hey There Everybody

My name is Ervin Poorghasamians. I am a third year Mathematics and Biochemistry major in the College of Creative Studies, and I am currently in the process of finding a research topic to pursue. I will most likely pursue a career in the field of either computational biochemistry or theoretical chemistry. Very exciting stuff! I have a few favorite examples of Asian American pop culture: when I first came to the States about thirteen years my favorite show on television was the original Iron Chef from Japan, I also loved martial arts movies with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and I can’t forget about the awesome shows on Tunami like Dragon Ball Z, Gundam, YuYu Hakusho, and the like.

Components of pop culture are mass-produced entities with trivial differences striving for similar purpose, usually endeavoring for commercial and monetary power. Pop culture is not just defined by the fluctuations of popular trends, but is the direct commentary on the society that produces and consumes it. Therefore pop culture reaches the psyche of the masses and poses a certain type of influence that needs to be analyzed and well understood by society in order to not gain superiority over culture and thought. Pop culture of any ethnic community is important because it is able to convey a sense of that communities art, food, values, struggles, etc. in the subtext of something that is more familiar to society as a whole. This can have both positive and negative influences and thus requires a better platform for communication and overall community to bring peoples together harmoniously.

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