Hi! My name is Christie Hoang and in the fall I will be a junior majoring in Cell and Developmental Biology. I don’t really have one specific favorite memory of Asian American pop culture because there were too many from my childhood to pick from. I remember watching anime every afternoon as a child, shows like Pokemon on kids WB or Sailor Moon from weekly Blockbuster rentals. My parents would always punish me when i was younger by taking away those tv privileges if I ever misbehaved because they knew exactly how much I loved watching those shows. As a child, I also enjoyed buying and collecting stationary, school supplies, and plush toys from Sanrio and Morning Glory, stores that sell asian character goods of Hello Kitty, Blue Bear, Pucca, and many more. Looking back, I always laugh at how excited I got from buying a new lead pencil or a new pencil case. 

Popular culture to me means a wide set of practices and customs (the integration of lifestyle, music, entertainment, fashion, ideas and perspectives) that are consumed by a mass majority. So Asian popular culture is made up of everything popular that relates to the Asian ethnic community.  Pop culture’s ability to stay relevant stems from consumerism. Everyone wants what is popular and “in demand” so companies publicize and heavily market products. This creates mass exposure thus increasing the chance of people buying their product.  It is important to study pop culture or an ethnic community’s cultural production in order to better comprehend the manifestation of their community, customs, and history. This will lead to less prejudice and hopefully more positive/healthier interactions amongst people from different cultures.  


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