Check Out Beautificasian!

Check Out Beautificasian!

Beautificasian is a critical blog that centers on the standards of beauty in America and Asia and how Asian American and Asian women are undergoing body modifications in order to adhere to the pressures of acculturation and/or assimilation. For the purposes of this blog we will define body modifications as any measures taken to alter one’s appearance which can include things such as plastic surgery, cosmetics, and eyelid tape. Our main focus questions why Asian American and Asian women find the need to alter their bodies simply to “fit in” and what means are they taking to do so. These days, societal expectations pressures Asian American and Asian women to conform to the “white” ideals of beauty (big eyes, double eyelids, high cheek bones, etc). This, in turn, causes many Asian American and Asian women to endure rigorous processes, such as applying a plethora amount of makeup, placing scotch tape on their eyelids and even submitting to plastic surgery, in order to achieve the hegemonic idea that “white” is beautiful.

Our blog as three authors, Meha, Sarah and Kimberly, all from different cultural backgrounds, this therefore consists of varying opinions and personal experiences from three different female perspectives. For example, a member of our group is guilty of attempting these “body modifications” and has even thought about getting plastic surgery to achieve this “ideal beauty.” As female Americans, we have all experienced the pressures of beautifying oneself in order to live up to society’s expectations. Thus, each of us can relate to this issue and contribute our own personal inputs.

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