XO Jane Article on Denying the “Asian Fetish”

Kristina Wong published an article this morning in XOJane about the “Asian Fetish” (aka “yellow fever,” which may be of interest to some of you: “9 Wack Things White Guys Say to Deny Their Asian Fetish.” Quick, fairly well-argued piece, and the conclusion is pretty strong.


2 thoughts on “XO Jane Article on Denying the “Asian Fetish”

  1. http://www.asian-nation.org/interracial2.shtml

    I read a less “casual” excerpt in in my “Multiethnic Asian Americans” class regarding interracial marriage. This piece explains why white men have an “Asian fetish” or rather, a preference for Asian women over white women. Asian women are said to be more traditional, family-oriented, and cater to their white male counterpart whereas white women are more egalitarian due to feminist movements. It also explains that Asian women prefer marrying white men because it is the ultimate sign of assimilation and acceptance into the dominant culture. (We also saw an example of this in “Slaying the Dragon.” These Asian women exchanged their youth and beauty in order to marry up the social ladder–a theory known as hypergamy. The excerpt also states that Asian men prefer white women because these women’s egalitarian views were different from the old Asian traditions of their parents, which these Asian men were trying to escape. Additionally, Asian men and women would not marry each other because they saw each other as sisters and brothers. It’s a fascinating read once you get through all of the statistics on outmarriage!

    • Interesting. Would you mind sharing the citation for that article with the class? There are a couple students working on projects about the “Asian Fetish.” Thanks!

      And a silly comic that responds to these concerns:

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