Hello there, ASAM118! My name is Alexis Ramos. This fall, I will begin my trek as an upperclassman, specifically as a 3rd year Environmental Studies major and Ecology minor. I was previously Biochemistry — aiming for medical school — when I realized that my passion was for plants, not so much the human body. As 1st generation Filipina, I always like to indulge in the occasional Asian American course, especially as nowadays, while living so far from home and going to a school that is (for once) not predominantly Asian, I feel as if I’ve disassociated myself from my own culture. As a young girl, I was (and still am) obsessed with Pokemon and various manga and anime. However, nowadays, my favorite examples of Asian American pop culture are the vivid displays of trending fashion, for example, with icons like Kyarypamyupamyu, CL, Goto Maki, and Jia. Most of these women are music moguls, as well as fashion icons, which simply shows how one aspect of popular culture can influence and resound in another. 

To me, popular culture is not only defined by one’s society, but also defines it and it’s people, even if some of the individuals don’t exactly wish to be part of such popular norms. I always though it was funny that it was the self-proclaimed “hipsters”, ironically enough, who liked to identify themselves with counter-culture. Popular culture changes year by year, generation by generation, but I find that I would most associate the term with young adults. As individuals of a society, we choose what we consider favorable and what is unfavorable — influential companies and corporations may push an idea forward (whether it’s in terms of music, clothing, or even food) but it’s the people who choose to accept it and “hype” into the definition of popular. It is through such a process by which we can identify and define a certain group of people, but even though Pop Culture is constantly changing and evolving, long-term negative aspects — such as stereotypes and false representation — inevitably arise.

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