Individual Blog Posts and Responses

A large component of your grade (10%) in this course will be based on your contributions to this course blog. Each week a handful of students will author original posts of 250 words (minimum) engaging with the coming week’s readings and topics. Please refer to the Schedule for these. All other students will be responding, via comments to one of that week’s readings. Be prepared to discuss these topics in class.

Your original post can elaborate on the readings, provide additional examples, ask questions, critique, analyze, or provoke. You are welcome to relate the readings to current events or outside examples that you find relevant if you feel that they are relevant to that week’s themes and they add perspective, complexity, etc. These posts do not need to be very formal, and you are welcome to exercise your individual voice in writing these posts. However, please be respectful of your classmates, and maintain civil online discussions, as these will bleed into our in-class dialogues.

There is no minimum length requirement to these comments, but they should demonstrate engagement with the material and with the writing of your classmates. You are required to post a minimum of once (to one reading), but are welcome to post more. I encourage you to spend time on the blog and explore the different perspectives reflected in the different posts.


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