Recommended Reading and Viewing on White Privilege

As mentioned in class, here is a short article by Peggy McIntosh on recognizing white privilege. The aim, is not to demonize of blame white individuals, but to help them recognize their advantage (and the disadvantage of ethnic others) as a result of larger systemic and structural forces. It also opens the possibility of moving from discomfort or guilt toward more productive coalitions, alliance, and collaboration.

And a short clip from the popular show Modern Family that obliquely illustrates the importance of allies:–chirp/blinded-by-the-spotlight

For those interested…

I heard some commentary about C-dub’s shirt during the movie, and for those interested, here is a link to Black Lava, an Asian American web store that sells that  shirt and related projects. This site is particularly related to Asian American consumer production and counter-production and is of interest for this class.

And related to the brief lecture earlier (e.g. stereotypes, assumptions, the constructed nature of race and examples of humor used to address and critique):

What kind of Asian are you?

Things Asians Hate: