“The Chinese Americans” by An Rong Xu, Identity & ‘Growing Up Asian’

Hello again! Apologies for not expanding on this image and photo series, but I really enjoyed it and wanted to share it. After looking more into “The Chinese-Americans” photo series by An Rong Xu, I felt that his work relates entirely to our topic this week of identity and ‘Growing Up Asian’. “The Chinese-Americans” series focuses primarily on Chinese Americans living in New York City and it shows how they have adapted to the Western style of living. Although the photograph’s resonate feelings of nostalgia, this feeling is coupled with the sense of a somewhat acculturated lifestyle. Under his Grand Park photo series, at the very end, is an excellent text example of youth culture and being a Second Generation Asian American.

Many of the photo series speak to this notion of ‘Growing Up Asian’, some more than others, some not at all, but I do recommend looking at all his work as it truly is something special. Even though I myself am not Asian American, I feel as  though I can relate to his work and maybe some of you can as well!

An Rong Xu’s website: http://anrongxu.com/