I decided to make my solo blog, Get Trolled, about Asian Americans in the world of League of Legends  and in the context of other popular, online games, as the MOBA community is one I love and know well. Gamer or not, you might have been aware of recent happenings in the past few weeks – like eSports becoming federally recognized as real, professional athletics or of all the hate given to an all-female League of Legends team that was one contributor to its eventual disbanding. As an Asian dominated, Internet phenomenon – with its own troublesome misrepresentations – it’s important to consider the social implications and influences of the eSports community upon our new generation of gamers. With 32 million active League of Legends players, 60% of whom are in college, online gaming is definitely a relevant topic of youth culture!

So enjoy! Hopefully if you don’t already, it might entice you to give these games a try. And if you do play – League or SMITE, in particular – hit me up with your IGN c:

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  1. I’m an avid LoL player, and though I quit for most of last year, I’ve been picking it back up again this summer since I have much more free time. When I saw the news for LoL becoming recognized along with the NFL, NBA, etc. as an official sport, it really got me excited for the future of the game and for eSports in general. Then I saw that the Season 3 World Championships were scheduled to be held in the Staples Center and it hit me then that League had gotten really big! I’m a little sad that I’ll most likely not be able to attend the championship live, but I guess that’s what livestreams are for!

    My summoner name is Extraxi; feel free to add me!

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