Sorry for the late post guys, I thought I posted my blog along time ago, but it was still sitting on my computer screen “sending”. The Fung Brothers, Andrew Fung and David Fung, are Asian American rappers and comedians on youtube. Their youtube channel right now consists of contents that include a lot of what the Asian American Youth are into. Like in this video “626”, an area in the San Gabriel Valley where the life of second generation Asian Americans thrive, The Fung Brothers promote many restaurants or cafes Asian Americans go to as a culture.

The cultures of Asian American Youth in America is very different from the cultures of Asian Youth from Asian. In this film by The Fung Brothers, we can get a sense of the traditional Asian Culture incorporated in the modern Americanized Asian Culture. This song not only promotes a lot of delicious restaurants in the “626” but also the unknown life of Asian Americans that people tend to overlook. As a minority group, The Fung Brothers are quite successful at commercializing the Asian American Culture in America, with fifty two thousand subscribers and millions of views on their videos.

Although this short film further encourages some Asian Stereotypes such as, the old, shrunken Asian male figure and the lack of masculinity, it also encourages the Americanized Asian culture in America. In contrast to popular belief, this six minutes of youtube is actually an accurate depiction of the life of an Asian American Youth, for I was once a repeated consumer in the “626”. Minorities tend to not have the best reputation in America, like the many stereotypes of Latinos and African Americans; however, because of many Youtubers like the Fung Brothers, the perception of Asian Americans have changed, as they are more known for Boba and food.

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