Asian Secrets

Just Kidding Films is a popular channel that creates a comedic take on a multitude of subjects. They also talk about trending news and common stereotypes in a comedic way. One of their primary goals is to promote Asian American culture and raise awareness through youtube videos. Bart Kwan for example, has his own channel with a focus on fitness that clearly debunks the stereotype that Asians are not masculine.

In this video, various common stereotypes are “answered” as to why they are true. Rather than explicitly debunk the stereotype, they create a ridiculous scenario as to why Asians are what they are so to make them unbelievable and laugh the stereotype off. This goes back to a class topic about Asians perceived ad alien. Even though Asians are depicted as the model minority, Asians are still seen as the outsider compared to other minorities such as African Americans or Hispanic Americans. At the introduction of the video, Joe starts by saying he is sick of Asian stereotypes and that he has to share the secrets. This frustration of being asked the same questions and having an assumed impression of is relatable to many Asians and coincides with the fact that Asians are perceived as aliens.

1 thought on “Asian Secrets

  1. As Tom mentioned today during the discussion, the primary goal of JustKiddingFilms to show that Asian Americans are normal just like the rest of America by portraying the stereotypes so outrageously that it can’t be believable. Of course, there is always some truth in telling jokes. Like the videos below, most Asians could relate to the examples provided in “You Are Asian If..” videos. Yet, our family traditions and culture separates Asians from the dominant hegemonic white class–making us lesser than them. In contrast to Tom’s discussion about how Asians are portrayed as lesser than because of their ignorance, I believe that it is because of the institutionalized discrimination. He mentioned that the head of the music label was white males in their 60’s making all the decisions for the label, showing white supremacy in our industry. I do agree that anyone can “make it” into the industry if they really wanted to, but how far can you really climb up the social ladder once you do make it? When will Asians stop being portrayed in a bad light? Even if an Asian American becomes successful, they are then labeled as a “Model Minority”, which continues making us lesser than the hegemonic white class since we’re being compared to them. Within our own Asian American communities, we also get labeled as well. If you don’t follow the normative traditional values of being Asian, you’re automatically labeled as American or other. By identifying with one culture over the other, there is already a hierarchy of which culture is better than the other. It just depends on perspective.

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