Angry Asian Man and Gawker report racist misinformed newscast

To add to the recent discussions about the Asiana Flight 214 event and the persistence of racism in contemporary media, Gawker and Angry Asian Man reported earlier today that Bay Area news station KTVU ran a story of “leaked” pilots names… that were actually the product of a juvenile prank.

10 thoughts on “Angry Asian Man and Gawker report racist misinformed newscast

  1. When I saw this earlier today on the internet I thought it was a picture that had been photoshopped. Then I was shocked upon realizing that this actually happened on live television. It is truly astonishing how fast the issue of race becomes incorporated in tragic events such as the one we see here.

  2. It would have been sad even if there were no victims… But, given that there are, it’s even sadder. Can’t believe it.

  3. I feel like a lot of westerners do not have a lot of respect for Asian names. I know that it is harder for them to pronounce but at least show some respect.

    • The issue of respect here is an important one, as another commenter stated above, since this is a horrifying event that has affected many people. As far as the puerile joke goes, it signals towards a Eurocentric racism that takes for granted that Western names are the norm and all others are fair game as objects of derision and humor. The worse part is these fake names perpetuate the representation of Asian languages as “ching chong” gibberish, and the stereotypes of Asians as bad drivers, all while trying to make light of a tragic event.


    I really hope that the airline decides to take some legal action against the station (KTVU-TV and NTSB).

    I’m also really shocked and saddened by the fact that all the Asiana passengers are going to be treated differently when receiving compensation. American citizens have no problem getting into the US Courts, but passengers from other countries are going to have major problems. Even if two people were sitting next to each other but were from different countries, the pay out would differ. I don’t think that’s fair at all! Especially for the families of the 3 passengers who were killed (all 3 were from China).

    • That ISN’T fair at all! You could think that all the passengers would be treated equality since they experienced the crash together. The least they could do is compensate medical and psychological treatment after an event like this. Whether or not the summer intern is too blame, it’s a shame that someone would think that pulling a stunt like that would be racist. It tells you a lot about the individual’s lack of morality and respect.

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