Ani-mania at Anime Expo 2013



Hello all,


I thought it would be appropriate to share my most recent encounter with Asian American popular culture this past weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center where the 22nd annual Anime Expo was held. Personally, I’ve been disconnected with the scene of anime and manga for the longest time. In light of this, it made my first experience at the convention all the more valuable with a nice touch of nostalgia. Entering the venue was like stepping into a world unreal. The thousands of people that formed the mass body of event displayed the art of Cosplay not as a mere dress-up project. Rather it evokes something that of full assimilation. In rethinking a previously made statement of the seemingly unreal, it was indeed, very real. There, a new culture is formed where imagination is reality. As the costumes represent a transformation in the physical form, they also take charge the conscience of its host. In other words, people were no longer people. It was really interesting to internalize such a massive event with some of the course themes we’ve been learning so far including social construction, assimilation, identity, media and many more. Who knows, this might lead me to dive further and explore this area of popular culture as a field of study for the final piece of this class.


For those that have never gone or deciding to go the experience is well worth the trip and I would highly recommend it. On that note, here are a few top picks that I thought were outstanding and phenomenal in their Cosplay creation.


(Yes! That’s him on the bottom right :] – Wesley Chan from Wong Fu)

1 thought on “Ani-mania at Anime Expo 2013

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jason! If you’re interested, fandom is a growing area of study for social scientists and humanists. Let me know if you want to explore further. Another (less) visible area of fandom is fan fiction and I’ve had students in the past write fan fiction creative pieces rewriting and thus responding to orientalism in texts like Firefly as final projects.

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