I am planning on producing a blog for my final project. My topic will be about the generational differences between parent immigrants and their American-born children. I can conduct interviews on subjects from both groups, as well as use my personal experience, to supplement the readings I will use to write my blog. My main focus will be on second generation Asian Americans and their experiences with growing up in a home that had different customs and traditions than what the norm was for their peers in school and in extracurricular activities. I will also cover how these experiences may have affected how they act in social settings now (as young adults) and how they perceive themselves – does their Asian American identity always have a role in their behavior and thoughts or do they feel assimilated to the extent that their ancestry has no conscious effect in their everyday life? Do Asian Americans secretly want to be white (like Jin in American Born Chinese)? Or is there simply no common ground among Asian Americans and their ideas on this topic – is it as uncorrelated as something like trying to find the most popular favorite movie among Americans?


Works to be used:

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

Asian American Youth: Culture, Identity & Ethnicity by Jennifer Lee and Min Zhou

Yankee Dawg You Die by Philip Kan Gotanda

Ping Pong Playa (movie)

Interviews with first and second generation Asian Americans

1 thought on “Abstract

  1. This sounds like it will be a BIG project, especially if you plan to incorporate interviews. That said, the project needs to more narrowly define its subject area, as “Asian American,” as we know, is a really large and diverse population and we cant expect any one project to speak to the diversity of experiences of generation conflict. I suggest limiting your blog it to representations of generational conflict among immigrant parents and second generation children (perhaps focusing on the second generation) of a particular ethnic group (Chinese American, for example). I might also caution you against interviewing people for the blog because of time constraints and issues of ethics in human subject research. Perhaps focus on representations of this type of relationship in film or a subset of media, or compare one literary and one cinematic text? (Examples include Ping Pong Playa, Saving Face, Eat a Bowl of Tea) You’d only need maybe two texts. You are welcome to use personal anecdotes and draw from personal or familial experience. See me if you have questions.

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