J. Lin

Hello fellow classmates of Asian American Pop Culture! My name is Jay Lin and I am an incoming second year. I am currently majored in biology at UCSB. My favorite example of Asian American Pop Culture is Jeremy Lin. Not only is he a fantastic basketball player, but he is also a graduate from Harvard. He is a really big role model in the Taiwanese American community, and we almost have the same name!!!

In my opinion, my definition of popular culture is anything that sparks the interest of the general population. It could be anything from a really cute cat doing something silly on the internet to someone like Jeremy Lin, who is a prodigy in my opinion. It is important to study this ethnic subject because we live in a racially diverse community. Believe it or not, minorities make up for majority of the population in this country. Throughout history, minorities, including Asian Americans, have not been the most successful in the our community’s popular culture. 

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