Hi everyone!

Hello everybody. My name is Phong Khau and I’m entering my fourth year as a mechanical engineering major. I am Vietnamese but I was born in the Philippines and came over to California in 2006. One of the most prevalent example of Asian-American popular culture that comes to mind is the realm of anime and manga because they are such a big part of my childhood. Growing up in the Philippines, I was used to watching anime such as Dragon Ball Z, HunterXHunter, and Flame of Recca in Tagalog, but when my friend introduced me to the anime here, it was dubbed in English and I was confused. It didn’t make sense to me how the same shows in I watched in the Philippines could be so different with the ones here. As I was exposed to more anime and manga, I realize how the slight difference in the translation of the media from one language to another could have such a significant impact on it as a whole.

In my opinion, “popular culture” is anything that is widely consumed and known by the masses. With this definition, Asian-American popular culture is anything that is trending within the Asian-American community. The majority of the population within a specific culture defines what is currently popular in that culture. By studying popular culture, we will be able to learn about the issues that are ongoing within that community, the values that they uphold, and the mentality that they adopted. Using this information, we can devise a solution to the problem that does not conflict with the cultural values and is satisfactory to the community. Or, we can just use the information to design plans to improve the community.

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