Hello everybody! My name is Kai Henry, and I am entering my fourth year as a Chemical Engineer. My mom’s family comes from Taiwan, while my dad’s ancestors hail from Europe with a splash of Native American blood. Since, then, I am half Chinese, I consider my Chinese heritage to be my most pervasive. My interests jump around between drawing, listening to electronic music, and playing video games. Naturally, my favorite example of Asian American popular culture is its prevalence in the global video gaming market. Companies like Nintendo, Square Enix, Nintendo, and SEGA all can trace their origins to Asia, but have become global giants in the industry. E3 just ended a few weeks ago, and one could make a case that Sony was the most successful company at this year’s event.

Popular culture is a ideal, tradition, fad, or phenomenon that is accepted, displayed, or consumed by the majority of the population. By definition, it is seen by huge numbers of people. Thus, it is important to study popular culture because understanding it can lead to a greater understanding of people as a whole. Asian American popular culture is particularly significant because it is a hybrid of Asian and American cultures–both of which are huge global powers and both of which are themselves eclectic mixes of many cultures. How Asian American culture manages to create its own identity in the world is very interesting. By studying this culture, one can start to understand how popular ideas transform and develop as they are adopted by ever increasing numbers.

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