Sorry for the late intro everyone, but my name is Erwin Palma. I am an incoming third year Asian American Studies and Physics major. My favorite example of Asian American pop culture has to be watching Jeremy Lin take the NBA by storm and making a name for himself as a point guard for the New York Knicks, and being in an Asian American Studies class at the same time. It was very interesting to watch his highlights at night and then discuss his impact in Asian American Studies by day.

To me, popular culture is a reflection of the beliefs and ideals of the masses. To see what kinds of things the United States enjoys, what they see as beautiful, what they believe is ‘cool,’ simply watch Super Bowl commercials for ten minutes. In my view, popular culture represents what a nation of people may value or hold important to them. While it could represent the mindset of many people, it definitely does not represent all people. Whenever I flip on the television, I can see that popular culture for me is very homogenous. As an Asian American myself, there is a definite lack of Asian Americans, or even other minorities that should be represented in popular culture. Whether it be due to the model minority myth, or question of Asian American masculinity in the media, it will be interesting to study and examine how Asian Americans battle this conflict or how Asian Americans take alternative routes to make an impact in America popular culture.

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  1. Hi Erwin! I completely agree with you on the lack of Asian American awareness in America. I feel that Asian Americans are over looked in terms of achievements and their role in America. Like you mentioned about Jeremy Lin. He is an amazing basketball player who has been one of the top point guards in his college career, and yet, he did not get pick until he joined the new york knicks. Though many would say that he is just a mediocre player, I think that he is an outstanding basketball player who not only has to take on the pressure of the game but also the pressure of the media. Because he is asian, many people, including those in asia, put a lot of pressure on him due to his nationality. Anyways, I also think that he is a good example for our class.

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