Hi all!

Hey everyone! I’m Tiffany Yeung and I’m majoring in Economics. I “graduated” or walked this past spring and I’m staying here over summer to finish up the rest of my units. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to California when I was 8 years old. Growing up in an Asian country, my favorite memory of Asian American popular culture was the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh scene. I was a big Pokemon fan and had a huge collection of  cards, models, and video games. I remember trading cards and figurines with my classmates and was obsessed with getting the best cards. All of us were so competitive about who had the best cards and models. My Pokemon cards and models were my pride and joy… until I sold them on ebay just a couple years later. I’m not ashamed to say I still love to watch Pokemon because it brings back such great memories from my childhood. 

To me, “Popular Culture” is a set of customs and ideas (such as music, fashion, entertainment, media, lifestyle choices, perspectives, etc.) that is widely accepted and consumed by the masses. It targets the middle/lower class because they make up for the majority of the population. Asian American popular culture basically consists of ideas and customs that’s widely accepted by the Asian community. Popular culture is essential for businesses to know what’s in demand by the masses to maximize their profit. 

It’s important to study popular culture or a minor community’s cultural production in order to better understand their values, community, and traditions. Hopefully, this better understanding of a minority’s pop culture will lead to less prejudice and stereotypes of Asian Americans and other minorities, leading to healthier relationships between people of different backgrounds and ethnicities.


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