Hey! :)

Hey everyone. My name is Mina and I will be graduating upon the completion of this course. I am a biopsych major, so this is only my second As Am class and I’m not too sure what to expect! My favorite memory of Asian Am pop culture has to be Pokemon. I used to rush home every day after school to catch the newest episode. My brother and I would collect the cards and play the games on gameboy. I just can’t believe how much it has changed since the few years that I was familiar with it.

Popular culture is any fad that can be sold to consumers. It can include food, shows, games, clothing, etc. In relation to Asian Americans, popular culture encompasses any trendy product that is targeted towards the Asian American consumer group. It’s important to study Asian American pop culture because it can be a reflection of the conflict or current issues that may be going on within the community. This is applicable to the study of all minority groups.

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