Hey Everyone :)

Hi, my name is Sarah Swanson and I just graduated a couple weeks ago but am taking a couple classes this summer to fulfill my final requirements. I am a Biopsychology major and am planning on applying to medical school next year. One of my favorite examples of Asian American pop culture is Jackie Chan, especially in the Rush Hour movies. Although these movies portray many Asian American stereotypes, they also break stereotypes by having Jackie Chan (the Asian American) as the hero.

Popular culture is anything that is widely accepted and utilized by a population. It does not necessarily have to be in the media although a lot of popular culture becomes popular via the media. For example, people share YouTube videos on social networking sites that then become viral and watched by a large number of people in the population. Popular culture can come in the form of books, TV, movies, food, a fashion trend or even a person, just to name a few. Asian American popular culture can be any of the genres listed above and more. It is popular culture that portrays Asian Americans as the main focus. Unfortunately, these include all portrayals of Asian Americans including stereotypes. Asian American popular culture is relevant because it is a reflection of how Asian Americans are portrayed and perceived by society and it also can shape how Asian Americans are perceived by society. It is important to study it so we can strive to change some of these negative portrayals and also recognize the influence that popular culture can have in shaping the opinions of a population on a certain minority group.

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