Hello Hello.

My name is Kevin (the one who wears the Yankees hat), I’m going into my Junior year and I am a Global Studies and Art Studio double major. My favorite memory of Asian American popular culture would have to be the character of Mori Tanaka in the movie series 3 Ninjas. Mori Tanaka is the grand-father of three young boys who he trains to become ninjas. I always liked this character and many others similar to it because it denotes a strong sense of discipline, but also a sense of compassion and care from a wise man who teaches those who are young how to succeed in life.

I believe popular culture is any form of media (art, viral videos, fashion trends, gossip blogs, etc.) that isn’t providing news that one would see on a newspaper or watch on television. It is widespread to the masses and up for consumption by anyone willing to take their time and read or listen to it. I believe that specifically Asian American pop culture would be any of the above but more closely tied to Asian American themes, without being stereotypical about Asian Americans. I believe popular culture is relevant because whatever is trending in popular culture, would tell about the society from which it is trending. In studying pop culture we are exposed to the underlinings of society because I believe popular culture in modern times effects everyone no matter the class. I believe that in studying popular culture of any ethnic origin is important because instead of analyzing all of popular culture that meshes together all these ideas, we get to look at popular culture from different places at their origin without any stereotypes or preconceived notions about those ethnicities or cultural backgrounds.

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