Hello, My name is Yi-Hsiang Chao and I am currently a third year chemistry major. When I was in the 4th grade, my family moved to bakersfield which was all but devoid of any asian culture. To remedy this, my family made monthly trips to the 626 area, such as Rowland Heights, where we would often attend some kind of festival or simply enjoy the more comfortable environment. This quickly became one of the most anticipated and now memorable moments of my childhood.

My definition of popular culture is any type of information, media, idea, and jargon that has become widely acknowledged by the pretty much everyone. Asian American popular culture is all of the above but in my definition focuses on solidarity of the ethnicities and just connecting the differences between the cultures experienced here in America and the culture that were exposed due to an Asian upbringing.

Ethnic culture is important because it provides a sense of understanding of people of different ethnic backgrounds. Also helps to show how when you look past the culture differences you see right now, there is actually similar derivatives in all cultures. Ethnic culture is also important to study, especially in America, because of how the popular culture is evolving due to small additions overtime from different ethnic groups.

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