#1: Hello

Greetings! My name is Lucy Qi and I am a 4th year double-majoring in Asian American Studies and Communication. I am proudly an American-Born-Chinese and am also the first person in my family to attend an American university. Aside from the typical girl-things like shopping and fashion, there’s nothing more that I enjoy than art (pencils, oils, watercolor, digital) and some good old MMORPGs. I can sit at a computer for hours.

My favorite example of Asian American popular culture is the growing group of talented performers on Youtube. WongFu Production movies make me tear up, David Choi has an amazing voice, and Kyle Hanagami makes me want to dance. There is a whole network on Youtube in which Asian Americans are able to perform and build a fan-base. Youtube gives Asian Americans an outlet for their creativity and expression in place of lack of Asian celebrities in America’s mainstream media. Although it will take some time for Asian Americans to commonly appear in the mainstream, I see Youtube as a way of diminishing the gap.    

I believe that popular culture is a group of ideas, trends, and way-of-living that is highly familiar and marketable to the general population. It is the “mainstream” that commonly appears in channels such as entertainment, fashion, sports, etc. Because Asian Americans are an ethnic minority in America, they develop their own popular culture with some aspects that identify with their cultural upbringing as an Asian American. They are a hybrid of Americanness and Asianness and have a pan-ethnic identity. Personally, I believe it is relevant and important to understand Asian American culture because other Asian Americans and I are constant producers and consumers of it. Understanding why ethnic groups have a particular culture will allow us to see how race-ethnicity makes up identify with a group of people or ideas. It is interesting to examen why some things are favorable or unfavorable.  

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