Greetings all!

Hello everyone! My name is Kelvin Liang and I will officially be a third year this coming fall. My freshman instincts have guided me towards an Economics and Accounting major that I admit has been filled with insights and disappointments. I am also pursuing an Asian American Studies minor in order to gain some background awareness of my parents’ experiences as immigrants. As embarrassing as it is for a college caliber student, Japanese cartoons like Dragon Ball-Z, Naruto, and Pokemon continue to intrigue me. This spectrum of anime and manga has definitely captured a good portion of what I consider to be the best of Asian American Pop Culture.

When pop culture is mentioned, ‘trending’ is the first word that comes to my mind. More specifically, I believe popular culture refers to a set of interests that a major group of people simultaneously share during a particular time period. Sports teams, musical artists, apparel styles, and tourist attractions all fall under this category because the popularity is primarily owed to the many loyal fans and supporters. Then is Asian American pop culture just another branch of prevalent interests allocated towards the Asian ethnicity? To a degree, it would appear so- as Jeremy Lin, Jackie Chan, and the Dalai Llama were all elicited into prominence through the media’s emphasis of race. I guess the most significant reason for studying popular culture is to know how and why it came to be. From an economic standpoint however, producing commodities associated or manipulated with the hype will certainly assure greater profits in a commerce driven world.

1 thought on “Greetings all!

  1. Hi Kelvin. Welcome! It’ll be great having your economic background contributing to this class. One question I have for you: do you think “popular” necessarily means texts or commodities meant to produce profit? What about something like Ping Pong Playa? Clearly not “popular” in profit terms, but it definitely plays with recognizable popular genres. What other purposes might we use the term “popular” for?

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