My name is Ricelia May. I am a 4th year senior. I have have already “graduated/walked” this past Spring quarter, but am back to fulfill my last remaining units. I am a Sociology major and Asian American Studies minor. However, I want to get a job related to finance/accounting. Going to grad school to get my MBA is also in my future plans. Mid August I plan to travel for three months to different parts of Asia, which I am really looking forward to. My favorite example of Asian Am pop culture is the evolution, introduction, expansion, and acknowledgement of well-known Asian rappers, hip hop artists, and pop singers.  Some of the Asian artists who have enhanced our listening pleasures include the Black Eyed Peas Apl.de.ap., Far East movement, Charice, and who can’t forget the guy who taught us all how to “Gundam Style,” Psy himself. 

My definition of “popular culture” is a form of music, media, and film that reaches out to a specific audience that is widely publicized. Pop culture adds to the notion of consumerism because its primary goal is to sell and create only what is in demand in the market. I believe that it is relevant because pop culture is constantly changing. Pop culture is important to study because it may be inclined to create and set false depictions of a certain group, particularly Asians. It is imperative for people to realize and understand possible stereotypes and forms of racism that are inflicted towards Asians through the use of popular culture.


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